The Australian Computer Society (ACS) Canberra branch is excited to announce the signing of a Memorandum of understanding (MOU), between the ACS Canberra Branch and InTEACT. The MOU expresses the commitment of both parties in establishing close ties between the ACT education sector and the ICT industry.

The MOU was signed to ensure members of InTEACT have access to professional learning opportunities and industry expertise, which will enhance their teaching to the next generation of IT professionals in ACT schools and universities.The MOU will form a collaboration of knowledge and expertise between the ACS Canberra Branch and local ICT educators. This collaboration will allow for consultation on policy and political developments in education concerning the Territory.

The MOU will provide InTEACT members professional development opportunities on current industry trends, skills, and expectations of the workforce, to guide and strengthen their practice. ICT educators will benefit from the MOU, with direct contact with ICT professionals, in addition to the expertise and professional learning opportunities offered by the ACS Canberra Branch. The MOU will also benefit ACT students, with InTEACT members passing on their new skills and knowledge, enabling students to have the required skill set, knowledge and capabilities for the workforce. 

The MOU intends to form strong ties between the ACT education sector and local ICT industry, through events such as the ACS Canberra Branch Conference on the 9th September 2015. Through the collaboration of both organisations fostering ties between the education sector and ICT industry, the MOU will build awareness of current developments and practices in education amongst ICT professionals.