Cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered an outage on Sunday for a 2 hour period which saw a range of different services affected. Users of the streaming service Stan, a joint venture of Nine and Fairfax, noticed an inability to log in to their service from around 3:30pm, which was confirmed on Twitter by Stan to be a result of the AWS failure.

Other services impacted by the outage included property site Domain, Foxtel Play and Dominos. AWS confirmed the outages in a statement on Sunday afternoon.

"We can confirm that instances have experienced a power event within a single availability zone in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 region," it said.

"Error rates for the EC2 APIs have improved and launches of new EC2 instances are succeeding within the other availability zones in the region."

While there has been no confirmation of the reason for the power issues, the Sydney basin was in the throes of an east coast low throughout the weekend, which saw widespread power interruptions and significant damage, especially in coastal and low lying areas. Areas of Sydney received more than double the average monthly rainfall for June in just 2 days.

Power infrastructure provider Ausgrid was continuing work on Monday morning to restore power to over 8,000 customers throughout the Sydney and Central Coast area, having completed restoration work for over 18,000 customers throughout Sunday night.

In a separate outage on Sunday, customers of Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and MeBank reported that their EFTPOS and credit cards were not working, leaving some customers stranded attempting to pay for their weekly shopping. AWS said in a statement that the banking outages were not related to the EC2 issues.

As of Monday morning, the AWS status page shows that full service has been restored, with only minimal delays.