Are you a good driver?

It won’t really matter soon, as self-driving cars are set to overtake traditional driving cars within a decade.

The Future of Car Ownership report compiled by NRMA Insurance found high-level semi-autonomous cars are predicted to arrive in Australia as early as 2020; that is, cars involving at least some form of human interaction but with advanced self-driving technology.

“The timeframe for fully-autonomous vehicles is almost just around the corner at 2025,” NRMA Chairman Kyle Loades told Information Age. "It’s an exciting prospect."

Semi-autonomous cars retain some standard car features, such as a steering wheel and pedals, and allow human intervention when driving. Fully autonomous cars do away with these features and simply drive themselves.

"Manufacturers already produce vehicles with some level of autonomy, including features like radar cruise-control, front and side sensors and reverse parking technology.

“Higher levels of equipment will be installed in the vehicles to enable full autonomy,” he said.