ICT architects are officially Australia’s best paid workers, after jobs site Seek released its list of the top 20 highest paying jobs in 2018.

The list also compares today’s salaries with those from 2013, revealing that ICT is well on its way to overpowering the mining boom.

In 2013, eight of the top 10 best paying jobs were all in the mining industry. Today it's one.

There are now six ICT jobs in the top 20, including two in the top three – the most for any single industry.

So, is ICT Australia’s next mining boom?

The report states that ICT salaries grew by 7.3% over the five years, with the average salary going from $97,700 to $104,800.

Kendra Banks, Managing Director at Seek ANZ, said ICT workers can expect to see their pay packets to continue to grow.

“What we are seeing is that candidates in information and communication technology are more motivated by salary and compensation than those in any other industry,” she said.

“Other factors that are of importance when considering roles within ICT are work-life balance and career development opportunities.

“We expect to see salaries for ICT roles continue to strengthen across every sector in the coming years.”

Salaries in 2013 vs 2018. Source: Seek

Topping the list are ICT architects with an average salary of $138,144.

“ICT architects – the people who design and plan the technology solutions to meet strategic objectives – are not just technical experts, they also have a strong business understanding and great stakeholder management skills,” according to the Seek report.

“They’re in high demand due to the number of organisations undergoing significant digital transformations.”

ICT architects placed ninth on the list in 2013 behind a plethora of mining positions.

ICT management positions were also up the top of today’s list, with an average salary of $132,307, while the growing importance of cyber security to businesses was again reflected financially, with security professionals seeing a salary of $122,753 on average.

The report explains the strong reimbursement for those in security was “due to the rocketing demand for their expertise as companies store and share more data and hackers develop more sophisticated attacks.”

ICT security did not feature in the top 20 salaries in 2013.