Tap and go collection plates

Sydney church-goers no longer need to worry about remembering to bring their coins to Mass, with St Mary’s Cathedral in the CBD introducing tap and go collection plates. “When the collection is taken up, our ushers will pass around special new plates which have a built-in credit/debit card terminal,” the church announced. Each single tap is a donation of $10.

Japanese billionaire moon bound

Yusaku Maezawa has been announced as the first civilian passenger to fly to the moon. Unveiled by Elon Musk at a SpaceX event last week, the Japanese billionaire said “ever since I was a kid I have loved the moon… just staring at the moon fueled my imagination.” Yusaku will travel onboard SpaceX’s BFR rocket on a 5-day expedition in 2023. He will also be selecting a group of six to eight artists to join him on his lunar holiday.

Alexa, reheat my lunch

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is cementing its spot inside our homes, after Amazon announced a series of new Alexa-powered devices. Perhaps most notable of the new hardware items, the Alexa-powered microwave has been generating masses of interest online. Also in the new product range, a car dashboard assistant, bringing Alexa into the car with you. “Just think, one day there will be thousands of these things in the home,” said Amazon senior vice president of devices, Dave Limp.