Huawei executive arrested

Huawei’s global CFO has been arrested in Canada on behalf of the US government. Meng Wanzhou – the daughter of Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei – is alleged to have covered up the sale of equipment to Iran. If extradited to the US, Wanzhou faces charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions. She has so far pleaded her innocence to the charges in an affidavit. In a court appearance on Monday, Wanzhou argued that she should be released on bail due to health concerns, as she awaits her extradition hearing. It is believed she suffers from hypertension and has a sleep disorder. The US has 60 days to file a formal request for her extradition. China has warned Canada of “consequences” for detaining Wanzhou. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the threats saying, “We are a country of the rule of law, we live up to our international obligations and we trust our courts to do the right thing”.

Australia’s cyber roadmap

The CSIRO and AustCyber have laid out Australia’s cyber security ‘roadmap’ for the digital growth of Australian organisations. The report looks at three themes for effective business operations: trusted ecosystem, secure by design and robust and resilient. It urges Australia to take advantage of the booming global cyber security market, and estimates that Australia has already lost up to $405m through its failures to capitalise. Demand for talent is tipped to continue to grow, with the cyber security workforce potentially reaching 31,600 workers by 2026 – up from the 19,500 current cyber workers.

Eight-year-old now richest YouTuber

Forbes has revealed the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers for 2018. Topping the list was Ryan ToysReview – an eight-year-old boy who reviews toys to his 17+ million subscribers. Ryan earned $US22 million ($AUD30.6 million) in 2018. His parents started his channel in 2015; since then his channel has received more than 25 billion views. He has also recently released a line of his own toys.