Problems with new iPhones

Only a few weeks old and the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max have already notched up complaints. Users reported the phones would not begin charging if plugged in while in standby mode; they would only begin charging when the phone was ‘woken up’. Apple all but confirmed the issue when it swiftly released an update to iron out the bug earlier this month. There have also been reports of other teething issues with speakers cutting out, and iMessage and voice memos not saving.

Internet technologists recognised in Prime Minister’s awards

A team of Australian scientists and engineers have secured the Prize for Innovation at the recent Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science event. Dr Simon Poole, Mr Andrew Bartos, Dr Glenn Baxter and Dr Steven Frisken from Finisar received the $250,000 award for their work in accelerating global internet connections. Finisar created light-bending switches for optical fibres which boost the capacity and reliability of the internet. The team is currently working on boosting the capacity of their devices to meet the needs of 5G and IoT technology.

Optus asked to pay up by ACCC

The ACCC has commenced proceedings against Optus in relation to its third-part billing service. The ‘Direct Carrier Bill’ service charged a possible 240,000 unknowing customers for ringtones, games and horoscopes from April 2014, the ACCC claims. Optus has now been made to pay $10 million in penalties by the ACCC. However, the ruling is not final, as the Federal Court must still decide whether the proposed penalties are appropriate.

New maths course for NSW high schools

Renowned maths teacher and YouTuber Eddie Woo will be the face of the NSW government’s pilot “everyday numeracy course” beginning next year. The subject will focus on students who would have otherwise not elected to study maths for their Higher School Certificate (HSC). NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the aim of the pilot was to get 100% of NSW students studying maths in their final years. Currently 18% of students do not study any maths subjects for their HSC. The government also launched an initiative that will see 300 scholarships worth $50,000 awarded to university graduates who have an undergraduate degree in a STEM field who wish to study a Masters’ degree in education.