Samsung shows off Galaxy Note9

Samsung officially unveiled its new Galaxy Note9 at a glitzy event in New York last week. The new device, which will cost Australian users around $1,500, comes with an OLED 6.4-inch screen and 4000mAH battery – each of these features outperforming the iPhoneX. It also comes with a fast charger and 128GB of storage. For security, facial recognition software and a fingerprint scanner are included. The device will also work with Samsung DeX, allowing users to project their phone onto a computer monitor using a USB-C or HDMI CABLE. Samsung’s launch comes ahead of the introduction of the latest iPhone, expected to be next month.

Musk ponders taking Tesla private

Elon Musk sent Tesla shareholders into a spin last week when he tweeted about potentially taking the company private. “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured… Shareholders could either to sell at 420 or hold shares & go private,” he wrote in a series of tweets. Shortly after the tweets, Tesla’s shares went up 11% as Musk confirmed the proposal had investor support on Tuesday. But two days later the company’s stocks took a hit after the Wall Street Journal published a story which reported the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had been inquiring as to why Musk detailed the planned private move via Twitter as opposed to formally.

Animal Logic launches production company

Australian animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic has announced a new production company tasked with attracting a global audience. Truant, which will operate as a subsidiary of Animal Logic, will develop and produce live-action genre films in Australia aimed at a worldwide market. “Truant was born from our passion to cultivate, nurture and promote Australian talent internationally,” said Truant’s VP of Development and Production Toby Nalbandian. “Working in this space allows us to engage with a diverse range of talent that will represent some unique and often times underrepresented points of view.” Animal Logic has produced visual effects for feature films such as The Great Gatsby, The Matrix, 300 and Happy Feet.

CSIRO appoints new Chief Scientist

World-renowned physicist and science leader Dr Cathy Foley has been appointed as CSIRO Chief Scientist. Dr Foley has been with the CSIRO for more than 30 years, and has assisted in unearthing over $6 billion in minerals worldwide through her work developing superconducting devices. “I'm looking forward to not just spreading the word, but helping shape the science agenda and raising the profile of the role of women in STEM,” Dr Foley said. She will commence her new position when she takes over from Dr Anita Hill at the end of September.