Looking for something new in 2019?

Recruitment company Hays has revealed the hotspots of demand for tech professionals this year in the Hays Job Report for January to June 2019.

As per previous years, it seems those with skills relating to data and data science are in a prime position when it comes to navigating the job market.

“Business intelligence analysis and data analysis professionals, particularly data scientists, data engineers and data analysts with experience in SQL, R or Python and data visualisation tools are sought to assist organisations in exploiting their data,” the report found.

The recent surge in demand for data specialists comes as companies continue to seek out better insights into their operations and look to make decisions based on data, Hays said.

The Federal Government’s uptake of advanced analytics, like self-service analytics, has resulted in a spike in demand for those with skills in PowerBI, Qliksense, Tableau and SASVA.

Getting technical

A strong technical skillset will get you further than ever before in 2019, according to Hays, as digital transformation continues.

Full stack .net developers and full stack java developers, particularly those with skills in Node.js or React.js, are in high demand, as are DevOps Engineers with a background in coding.

Enterprises transferring data to the cloud has led to Azure/AWS developers being sought after, with the Google Cloud Platform also gaining popularity.

And while UI and UX designers remain popular, Customer Experience (CX) designers are now seeing a surge in popularity, as businesses perfect their “overall experience”.

When it comes to securing these trending roles, Hays advises jobseekers to demonstrate their capabilities in a hands-on manner.

“Contributing to open source projects is a great way to test your technical abilities and practise your teamwork skills,” the report advises.

“Github is a popular platform for collaborating with individuals from around the world.

“All shared projects are public which means you can add them to your CV and demonstrate to potential employers what you can do.”

See the change

Project managers and business analysts are also tipped to be in demand this year.

“Projects and business change is a dynamic and progressive area with most private sector organisations investing in digitisation, process automation and technology upgrades,” predicts Hays.

“The banking, finance and insurance sectors will add to vacancy activity as a result of reforms and growth.”

It points to Canberra specifically as being a hotbed of demand for project managers.

Change managers and analysts are also seeing a surge in popularity due to large-scale transformations and legacy upgrade work.