Australian travellers are rejoicing the news they can now keep their laptops in their hand luggage when going through airport security.

Melbourne Airport has introduced four Smiths Detection scanners at domestic Terminal 4 which do not require laptops and liquids to be removed from bags.

They will be expanded into the T2 international terminal within two months.

The HI-SCAN 6040CTix scanners use the latest Computed Tomography (CT) screening technology to analyse the contents of the security trays.

Featuring advanced explosives detection technology, electronics and liquids no longer need to be scanned separately.

The rollout follows a successful trial last year which found keeping belongings within luggage cut the time taken going through security in half.

The new advanced scanners. Image: Supplied

Scott Dullard, Head of Security and Emergency, Aviation at Melbourne Airport said the new machines were a win-win.

“The new technology allows analysis of 3D images, improving security outcomes by providing security staff with greater detail, and functionality to conduct their assessments,” he said.

“The solution also benefits passengers, as CT allows everything to stay in your bag, including laptops, resulting in a quicker screening process."

Another two scanners will be coming to T4 in the coming months. Passengers flying out of Melbourne on Jetstar, Tigerair, REX or Air North will benefit from the new technology.

Melbourne Airport is the first airport in Australia to use these advanced scanners.