One of the most iconic mobile phones of all-time is making a comeback – the Motorola Razr.

Its look epitomised the peak of flip-phones in the final years before smart phones took over the world and now Motorola is cashing in on the caché of its early 2000s Razr series by updating the classic design.

The Razr’s main display is a foldable plastic OLED display that opens to be slightly larger than an iPhone 11 screen.

When folded, the Razr shrinks down leaving an external ‘Quick View’ display to show you time, messages, and let you flick through Spotify.

‘Innovation’ might not exactly be the right word for a 15-year-old phone design, but at least the Razr attempts to bring style back to a consumer tech taste that appears otherwise lost in a sea of glorified watches and ugly wireless earphones.

If well-executed, the Razr could help usher in a new frontier for foldable phones, but the jury will be out until these devices are proven to be hardy.

Motorola has said it has “full confidence in the durability of the Flex View display” that it says “will last for the average lifespan of a smartphone”.

Few forays have been made into what now looks set to be the future of phone design.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was put on hold earlier this year after the internal screens of early models quickly showed signs of wear and tear, ruining the experience and casting doubt on the viability of folding smart screens.

Microsoft then joined the fold with the announcement of its Surface Duo which unfortunately looks pretty much like exactly what it is: two phone screens attached by a hinge.

Unlike its competitors, the Razr isn’t a tablet disguised as a smartphone, but what it gains in aesthetics the Razr loses in hardware.

The Razr will have a smaller battery capacity and worse chipset than the Google Pixel 4, as well as half the RAM and much less on-board storage than the Galaxy Fold.

Also, the Razr will only work with mobile providers that offer cardless eSim technology.

And it only comes in black.

No Australian price has been announced yet but given that it will retail for US$1,500 on release, prepare to fork out around as much as you would for the latest iPhone.

Expect to see the Motorola Razr hit Aussie stores early next year.