Video AI start-up Unleash Live has received a lucrative Jobs for NSW grant.

Co-founded by Hanno Blankenstein and Jason Grier, Unleash Live applies AI algorithms to live video streams.

The company, based at ACS’ Harbour City Labs scale-up in Sydney, has received a $100,000 to fund a project that secures broadcast towers across Australia.

Live video feeds from cameras installed by Unleash Live will be used to determine whether unauthorised persons attempt to enter the tower site.

Unleash Live will also develop a facial recognition keyless entry system for the broadcast tower sites.

Blankenstein (CEO) said the Jobs for NSW grant will help bridge the gap between traditional businesses and Australia’s burgeoning start-up ecosystem.

“The issue with smaller companies is that they are nimble and have great tech but often have trouble selling their technology to an enterprise that has been doing things their own way for a very long time,” Blankenstein said.

“These old companies need to adopt new tech to remain competitive and what better option than working with a small company that’s nimble and has new technology?

“This grant says to big companies ‘wake up and spend your money on new technology’.”

Grier (COO) said the grant also acts as a kind of certification for their services.

“The grant verifies and accredits what our solution can do,” he said.

“For a government to stamp it and say ‘this is a really good software and we can see the value that it adds to NSW’ is very useful.

“And the grant also helps us work with specific clients who have a specific AI requirement and work with them at a lower cost-rate.”

Unleash Live was a finalist in the RiverPitch competition and is currently working with the US City of Sacramento on a smart city project.

The company began in 2016 and has been based at Harbour City Labs of this year.

Harbour City Labs Head of Growth, Dr. Khimji Vaghjiani said the grant will facilitate Unleash Live’s future growth.

“The Jobs for NSW Business Partnerships grant funding will allow Unleash live to prove a much-needed product in the market and improve safety of workers at work sites,” he said.

“Once developed, the scope for the solution is definitely international.”

Blankenstein said working closely alongside ACS through Harbour City Labs has provided great networking opportunities.

“ACS, as a members-based organisation, provides tremendous ability to connect with the relevant people in Australia who make important IT decisions,” he said.

“The facilities themselves are also top notch. Agile working spaces are really important for growing businesses where you need the space, you need the flexibility, and you need the connectivity.

“The industries we are working with are old-school – they are serious businesses – so if you are a young company you cannot be in just any co-working space.

“So, the aura and facilities here really add extra credibility for us as a company.”