LinkedIn has launched a new feature aimed at eliminating that awkward first encounter where you mispronounce someone’s name.

The new feature will allow users to record themselves saying their name and present this on their profile so others can learn how their name is pronounced.

It will be available for all members, but only users of the iOS and Android apps will be able to record themselves, while users on any platform (web, iOS, Android) will be able to listen to them.

It will be rolling out to all of LinkedIn’s 690 million users over the next month.

LinkedIn product manager Joseph Akoni, who helped develop the new feature, said getting someone’s name right is good professionally and good for fostering an inclusive culture.

“Ever seen someone’s name in writing and find yourself not totally sure how to pronounce it correctly?” Akoni said in a blog post.

“Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy – it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace.

“That’s why we decided to provide a feature that gives you the option to share how to pronounce your name.”

How do I record my name pronunciation?

To use the feature, you have to first tap your profile picture then go to ‘view profile’.

Next, hit the ‘edit’ icon followed by the ‘+ record name pronunciation’ one.

From there press and hold the recording button. You then have 10 seconds to say your name how you’d like others to say it.

Once you’ve got a version that you like, click ‘use’ and it’ll be saved.

The recording will feature next to your name and profile picture on your LinkedIn profile.

“Once you add a recording, other members visiting your profile can quickly listen to the recording to better understand your pronunciation preference and, subsequently, ensure they can correctly say your name,” Akoni said.

“You can also listen to other members’ pronunciations by visiting their profiles when they have added a recording.”

LinkedIn advises that you should try to speak slowly and clearly to make sure the pronunciation is obvious.

Temporary Stories

The new feature comes less than a month after LinkedIn launched Stories in Australia, allowing users to post short videos and photos that remain on their profile for 24 hours. The feature, which was popular on SnapChat before being introduced on Instagram and Facebook, is another way to post professional content on the platform, LinkedIn Australia country manager Matt Tindale said.

“It’s more relaxed and informal and gives [users] a chance to be a little bit more creative,” Tindale said.

“You can share and show Stories for 24 hours and they include photos, videos, stickers and text. It’s a nice way for people that may have been a little bit hesitant in the past because posting is so permanent on their profile.”

The Stories can last for up to 20 seconds and, similarly to the feature on other social media sites, users will be able to see who has viewed their posts.

LinkedIn also recently revealed what Australians are trying to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic, with users flocking to courses on remote learning to increase productivity, and mindfulness.