If you’re one of those people who thrives on having 87 browser tabs open at any one time, crack open the champers.

Google has announced the next Chrome update will allow users to group tabs together.

The tabs can then be labelled, coloured and reordered on the tab strip.

Google says it has been testing out tab groups for “several months” and found users employing the tabs in many ways: sorting by topic (eg, kitchen reno research), urgency of tasks (eg, ASAP, next week), and using emojis, such as a love heart for inspirational pages.

Available now in Chrome Beta, the new group tab feature begins rolling out next week on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux desktop versions.

Google said it would proceed slowly with the rollout in order to monitor the “stability and performance” of Chrome with the added feature.

Tab groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome.


Tell us, are you a tab minimalist or tab hoarder? And if you're a hoarder, do your colleagues give you a hard time about it? Spill!