Australia is one of the most sceptical countries in the world when it comes to 5G, new research has found.

Software testing consultancy Prolifics Testing analysed the most common 5G search terms used on Google and found ‘Is 5G dangerous?’, ‘Does 5G have health risks?’, and ‘Does 5G spread coronavirus?’ were being widely used by curious consumers around the world.

At top of the list was the United States, accounting for 374,000 such searches a month, followed by the United Kingdom with 93,400 searches.

Australia sat in third place, with Aussies conducting 32,970 5G health-related 5G searches a month.

The least concerned countries were Mexico, Austria and Denmark, each with fewer than 2,000 searches.

Source: Prolific Testing

What is 5G?

Prolifics Testing also looked at the number of searches relating to 5G in general and found the term ‘What is 5G?’ cropping up frequently.

Americans were the most interested, notching up 127,400 searches a month relating to learning more about the next generation connectivity technology.

UK citizens were nowhere near as interested as the Americans, with just 24,200 searches a month, followed by Canada on even fewer – just 15,100 a month.

The least curious countries were the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland, with around a thousand such searches a month.

Respondents to the survey came from 155 countries.