Tracey Plowman knows the benefits of investment in digital currencies.

As an early adopter, investor and now part of a cryptocurrency team, the West Australian is at the coalface of an industry that’s silently crept up on the rest of us.

The operations and business development specialist at micro-investing app Bamboo has been passionate about all things crypto for four years after working in a digital investment fund.

From that point on, she has been well and truly down the rabbit hole, and spends her spare time trading and researching cryptocurrencies.

She’s an experienced sales and marketing leader with 15 years in senior management experience, expanding that into digital currency and blockchain in recent years.

Plowman says that the rise and rise in digital currencies is being driven by ease of use apps like Bamboo.

The micro investment app is geared towards getting younger people interested in investment in an effortless and more affordable way.

This new breed app allows users to round up everyday transactions to effortlessly invest money every month into the fast-moving currencies.

“The Bamboo community is built on simplicity and value, and our users trust us to keep their investments safe,” she says.

Plowman says Bamboo tackles the problem of trust in the digital asset space by being the first company to deploy an end-to-end, publicly verifiable Proof of Solvency protocol.

All you need is a bank account, a mobile phone and about two minutes to get started, she says.

Bamboo removes barriers to entry and creates greater accessibility in digital currency investment, she says.

According to Forbes Magazine, studies have recognised women perform as well, if not better, than men in generating returns on investments, and yet just very small numbers of women hold digital currencies.

Each customer’s portfolio is funded through automated or discretionary contributions. These will be distributed into digital assets in accordance with the customer’s selected portfolio composition.

“We recently added a feature that allows people to invest directly through their self-managed super funds, which has been incredibly well received. The app will also launch a ‘yield’ feature in the coming weeks, allowing the user to make interest on their assets,” she says.

Expansion into the US market is set for October, closely followed by Europe in 2022.

Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to adoption of digital currency and blockchain, according to Plowman.

The space can seem complicated, but it’s also exciting and can set people up for financial freedom, she says.

The crypto space is well-supported, with a number of digital incubation hubs, think tanks and discovery groups in each capital city devoted to digital adoption.

It’s a very collaborative sector and everyone is excited to talk and share thoughts and experiences, she says.

“They say a day in the life of crypto equates to a month of regular time. This could not be more accurate. Things move at a fast pace. Companies are innovative and able to pivot easily.”

It’s all part of the evolution in global financial markets that is transforming the way people invest. Up-to-the-minute investment options allow you to see what’s happening as it happens, she explains.

This has prompted Plowman to speak up in a bid to offer an alternative female voice to the many male commentators in the space.

“The financial sector has always largely been dominated by males. Crypto being an extension of this sector has attracted the same audience.”

While there is volatility in the digital currency market, investing incrementally means users are not at risk as much as they would be if they invested the house, she explains.

“Digital currency has levelled the playing field when it comes to investment, especially for younger women,” she says.

“Men have been all over digital currencies for just over a decade, but we know women are as adept, it not more so, at generating returns in traditional investments,” she says.

“Crypto is here to change things up. It’s a very real opportunity for females to be part of the generational wealth shift that we are on the cusp of.

“Who would have thought a cattle farmers’ daughter, in her early 40s, with two small children would be co-owner in a crypto app?” she says.

“As digital currencies become less volatile over time, early investors will reap incredible rewards.

“As women continue to grow leadership positions across industries and sectors, they should also be leading in digital currency leadership and investment,” Plowman says.

“Digital currencies have levelled the financial playing field and as they continue to push further into the mainstream, women can be more financially independent than ever before.

“Investing early in crypto has set up my own future, and I am excited to share my success with other women,” she says.