Long-frequented by book geeks everywhere, Book Depository has announced it will shut down later this month.

After almost 20 years in business, the online book store – best known for its affordability, expansive range and free worldwide delivery – revealed the news on its website.

“We are sorry to let you know that Book Depository will be closing on 26 April 2023,” it stated last week.

The site will take final orders until midday on 26 April, and will provide support until 23 June 2023.

The notice on Book Depository. Photo: bookdepository.com

Book Depository was founded in the UK in 2004 with the motto ‘All books available to all’ and was acquired by then-rival bookseller Amazon in 2011.

It was to mark the beginning of the end for Book Depository as Amazon went on to cement its position as an online marketplace for anything a consumer could want.

Despite once being the cheapest online book seller, prices on Book Depository started inching upwards to the point it was cheaper to buy from Amazon.

The news of Book Depository’s demise comes as Amazon continues its drastic post-pandemic cost-cutting measures, including the laying off of 27,000 staff since last November.

It is unclear what will become of Book Depository’s 150 staff.