ACS Canberra 50th Anniversary

A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ACS Canberra

on Mar 02 2015 02:11AM

ACS Canberra Branch Chair Jeff Mitchell welcomes guests to the National Museum of Australia
Founding member of the Canberra Computer Society Mr Barry Smith alongside Andrew Barr MLA, Chief Minister of the ACT and Jef Mitchell, Branch Chair, ACS Canberra
Barry Smith delivers an address not he occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the ACS Canberra Branch
Guests enjoyed breakfast at the National Museum of Australia
Computing hasn't always been mobile...
Andrew Barr MLA speaks of the importance of the ACS to the digital economy of Canberra
Barry Smith receiving his honorary membership from ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr MLA
Dr Tim Turner, Vice Chair of ACS Canberra, delivers a vote of thanks.