Photos: Tour Telstra's customer insight centre

Take a tour of the telco's multi-million-dollar solution showcase hub.

on Feb 18 2015 04:35AM

Telstra has opened its customer insight centre, a purpose-built facility designed to help the telco's executives start a business dialogue with customers and potential customers.
Telstra hosts 9700 customer conferences every year. The new facility will be an all-in-one centre used to showcase its offerings and collaborate with clients.
Telstra's resident robot, Jed, greets customers as they enter the vision gallery. This is where Telstra shows off new technologies, including wearables and 3D-printers.
The Exchange is Telstra's own on-site restaurant, paying homage to the history of communications.
The library is an audio-visual site where customers can explore industry specific case studies.
Customers can also tour the CIC data centre, which displays 35 server racks hosting Telstra's content management system.
The CIC facility houses 55 virtual machines, with 25GHz of processing power and 27TB of storage.
The expo room can be customised to give each customer a hands-on example of how the digital future of their business might look. It is currently configured to be "the bank of the future".
The partnership hub introduces customers to the Telstra partner network virtually.
The in-house broadcast studio, Studio T, is 4K ready and can be used by customers to broadcast internationally or across the Telstra network.
Telstra is also using the space to demonstrate how its internet-of-things strategy could shape the Australian home.
The CIC has a 300 seat theatre that will available for public hire in June.