Individuals need to take more control of and be more "entrepreneurial in their career management and development within corporate environments."

This workshop will highlight the importance of enhanced self awareness as well as awareness of different personalities, values and derailers amongst teams.

This session will address:

Why even in corporate settings individuals and teams should be ensuring each year they are building individual and corporate achievements - and recruiting people who are doing the same .  Review of a current market focused and achievement oriented resume by individuals will highlight this aspect.

Why social media is important as a collaborative engagement and learning tool, and will include the setup, review and update of participants' LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Why networking both internally in organisations and externally is important as a basis for communication, innovation and learning.  There will be interactive networking skills to model this aspect.

Prior to the presentation, participants will be invited to complete online the Hogan Assessments suite (Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Motives Values Preferences Inventory, Hogan Development Survey) and will receive their results during the session.

The market value of this session is valued at $1,500+ in professional advice.  Improvements in engagement, retention and productivity by employees should generate extra income by adopting these techniques and concepts.

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