When faced with Change, any Change, our immediate response is “How will it affect me?” Will it destroy a way of life, or just disrupt a sense of comfort? Will it threaten jobs, or will it just be perceived as threatening jobs? Does it matter if it is a perception rather than reality?

Everyone shares these simple, personal, self-preserving questions. Answer them and we’ve solved the problem of implementing Change, and coincidentally, of coping with Change. Ignore them and we guarantee ourselves a difficult, if not impossible, transformation. There are no Silver Bullets in Change Management. No guaranteed, money back solutions. Our Change strategy depends on the present situation, past history, the future we’re trying to create and how difficult you make the journey from here to there.

This workshop will cover some Change Process models, a strategy for communicating and coping with any Change, and an overview of a Change Implementation Model.

Participants will gain the following knowledge and skills and be able to:

Design a communication plan to address their real concerns
Respond appropriately to concerns regarding the Change in order to avoid reinforcing those concerns
Install support structures to shorten the transition period
Respect the existing status quo before replacing it with another
Minimise the pain of change in order to make it easier to embrace
Recognise why celebration a transition is not just a reason to throw a party

The workshop will equip participants with a reality based understanding of what Change is and is not. It will remove some of the Myths surrounding Change and replace them with realistic Change models that will guide you forward when faced with any Change – personal or professional.

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