In order to provide the Australian workplace with ICT graduates that truly understand the skills required to work effectively within industry, it is important to allow those getting ready to graduate, the opportunity to hone their skills working on real ICT projects.

Our final semester postgraduate students are available to work in small team projects in their chosen area of study, including enterprise systems, information systems and software engineering. These students are trained in the use of project management techniques and are able to complete a software development life cycle, with demonstrable milestones, under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

If you, your business, sporting club, or school has a need for a computer system and can invest some time to work with our students as a client, please consider proposing a project. These projects are an excellent way to trial an idea or have a prototype system developed, which you may then later choose to develop or extend professionally.

If you are interested in discussing an ICT project proposal, please contact:
Asheley Jones, Executive Director WIL on: 03 96319100