Diversity – you don’t need it. Unless of course, you are aiming for excellence! Get exclusive insights about diversity from Susan Sly, director at CIO Advisory, now available in the ACS Vodcast Library.

Susan explains why diversity in the workplace is vital: “I think it is right. I think it is actually important to have as a company. But also I believe, in having diversity, that companies in fact generally will achieve higher degrees of success and sustainability. And you know, from a commercial perspective, that’s our job when we’re leading organisations.”

Susan has extensive experience in assisting IT teams and leaders to realise their potential, delivering greater business value and aligning operational services to strategic drivers. Susan has 15 years' experience in IT executive roles, 15 years in Government and 20 years in change management. She is a Member of Australian Institute Company Dir. (MAICD) and a Board Member of Victorian IT for Women.

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