Where information is a commodity item, how can you stand out as a knowledge expert?

How can you differentiate yourself and ensure that people see you as a valuable product?

Whether you’re an employee, contractor or business owner, today your mindset and actions must change, if you are to keep yourself marketable.

Technology has enabled many barriers to fall when entering new markets or creating new products, allowing greater speed, agility and reduced costs. As a skilled professional you must now compete in a global market and remove a completely different set of barriers if you are to be successful. You must address the internal barriers that stand in the way of changing your mindset and associated actions. These skills are critical to both individuals and leaders of teams.

In this interactive session, you will learn how to:


  • Identify conscious and unconscious barriers to success.
  • Pinpoint myths and unquestioned assumptions of what you’re capable of.
  • Utilise proven tools to develop a positive self-talk and mind-shift change.
  • Develop new habits that support your conscious intentions.
  • Become more self-reflective mindset enabling you to adapt to change.
  • Apply the Communicate31 3C Model for personal and professional success.



Presented by Clare Mann, an organisational psychologist, bestselling author of numerous books and trainer with extensive international experience facilitating individuals and organisations to create extraordinary results. She is the Editor in Chief of the digital business magazine Ethical Futures: Conversations that Matter, which champions businesses that underpin success with ethical principles. Her main focus has been on collaborative leadership, communication across all levels of the organisation and principled consultancy.

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