A dress belt that expands and says you’re putting on weight; cycling peddles that record travel data, hi-tech plant pots, and a shoe accessory that speeds up walking were among new gadgets unveiled in Las Vegas.

Yesterday the world’s biggest consumer technology show began in earnest with companies from around the globe revealing dozens of new gadgets that show off cutting edge technologies and brilliant new ideas. The event — CES Unveiled- is one of the iconic events at CES.

This year several French start-ups stood out with imaginative tech, such as Emiota, whose smart belt called “belty” looks straight out of a 60s Star Trek episode with its huge buckle.

Belty expands and contracts with the body during the day, as you sit and stand and as it heats up, and as you gain and lose weight over time.

Co-founder Bertrand Duplat said the smart belt was packed with sensors that measure health metrics and can zap your waste gently to communicate with you.

Another French firm Giroptic displayed a 360-degree high definition camera suitable both for home security and for shooting homemade 360-degree movies, viewable with immersive virtual reality headsets such as the upcoming Oculus Rift.

Firstech debuted DroneMobile, a remote control car system suited to many older vehicles. An owner can use a smartphone app to remotely lock and unlock their car and remotely track it if stolen.

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