Stasys (Stas) died peacefully on 21st February after a long battle with cancer.

Born in Melbourne to Lithuanian parents, he was a brilliant student who excelled at mathematics and science. He gained a scholarship to Melbourne University to study medicine, but at the end of first year decided it was not his future.

After a short career as a gifted professional photographer, he then studied Computer Science at RMIT. After obtaining his degree he joined the IT section of the Administrative Studies Department at RMIT and was involved in the creation of its School of Business IT where he lectured for 30 years. In this role he developed leading edge content for his subjects. His consultancy work over the years helped to ensure that Stas was always ahead of the pack in maintaining the relevance of his subjects. He was a gifted educator, who inspired his students to reach their full potential. He will be sorely missed by his colleagues and students.

Through the years there were many highlights. These included:

PickLab Conferences - Stas was a firm believer in the Pick system and was always disappointed that it did not make a bigger impact on the IT scene.

ACS Conferences - his involvement contributed to their success, in particular he encouraged his students to assist in the running of the technology.

Stas became a Member of the ACS Victorian Branch in September 1994. He was appointed a Fellow of the Society in May 2008.

Stas was a member of the Victorian Branch Executive for a number of years and always kept the agenda on track with his insightful comments and suggestions.

In 2011 he published his PhD thesis which focused on business alignment to IT. His topic area will be relevant for many years to come.

As well as his passion for IT, Stas had many other interests including fishing (and was always keen to invite his friends to fish with him), woodwork, ballet, classical music, fine wine and Japanese food.

Stas was a devoted and loving family man and is survived by his wife Leeanne and daughter Angela.
                                                Stasys Lukaitis  
                                   Ian Wells, FACS CP and Dr Stasys Algis Lukaitis, FACS
                                                           BEC Christmas Dinner, 2010.