Now available in the ACS Vodcast Library, learn about the future role of the CIO in an exclusive presentation by Ken Matthews, Founder & Managing Director of CIO Advisory.

“As you go through your career and thinking forward, you’ve got to think about the evolution of the industry, the evolution of the technologies being used, the evolution of the themes and cultures of organisations, and in all that, you’ve got to align your career to that,” Ken says as he sets the stage to provide in-depth insights.

Ken has international experience (in Malaysia, Singapore, USA) and has worked in more than 20 countries. He has 25 years’ experience in IT (15 years in executive roles), 10 years in Shared Services, and 20 years in change management. He has extensive experience in assisting IT teams in creating better business alignment, developing IT strategies for business outcomes, and establishing and supporting IT governance.

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