Nearly a decade ago a group of Australian ICT professionals took the first step towards building one of the most successful Business and Technology Solutions organizations in Western Australia. The vision of these entrepreneurs was clear; to make a difference in the ICT industry.

To these individuals, the desire to make a real difference was to be reflected not only in their business philosophy and their core values but in the way they would name the company; with a simple yet complex word which would immediately identify the organisation as one with a strong commitment to being different.

Diversus was established in 2006 and has since positioned itself as a leader in the market of Business & Technology Consulting across Australia. The organisation has seen a strong and steady productivity growth and has already celebrated not only financial success but also recognition for their contribution to Australia’s IT industry, including the WAITTA and iAwards.

Diversus offers four main services including Strategy Architecture, Project Governance, Business Solutions and Technical Implementation. One of the company’s long-term commitments is to expand their consulting base whilst maintaining a healthy balance between staff and clients to provide the personalised, hands on service the business prides itself on.

This month I had the pleasure to meet and interview Dien Tang, who is one of the Directors as well as Principal Consultant at Diversus. The other Director and Founder of Diversus is Claude DeLucia. Dien candidly talked me through his journey at Diversus and how the business has evolved since its beginnings nine years ago.

My personal journey was challenging but overall I have really enjoyed it. Claude and I worked really hard during those early days. We were focusing on building the business whilst also consulting to our clients. Over the years this has changed, Claude and I have been able to work with our staff as supporters and mentors for their client engagements. It’s not just about delivering on projects, but also about improving and building trust with our clients,” he said.

With over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, Dien, explains what is behind the company’s approach to stand out of the crowd and make a difference in the market.

“We identified a niche market of businesses seeking a more personalised service. One of our priorities is to build long-term relationships with our clients gained through trust and delivery of quality solutions,” he said.

Dien believes that whilst Diversus strives to look at the bigger picture for their clients, the company also prides itself on their ability to adapt to different cultures and practices their clients may already have in place.

“We come in first to understand where our clients are at and where they want to be; then we build up a program to actually get them there. We try to look at the environments, how to reuse their current investments and use them as a starting point into the path of achieving realistic goals.”

Quality and Innovation are the guidelines by which Diversus has achieved recognition for implementing business solutions at the forefront of technology. One of their recent projects was conducted with CBH Group – GrainTrack, where Diversus developed an innovative process to optimise the safety of staff when loading and discharging trains as well as modernizing the data-entry from manual to an easy user interface. The end result would guarantee a safe environment for workers, minimize the risk of work related injuries and operate with up-to-date accurate data.

Most importantly, over the years Diversus has seen a steady increase in female ICT professionals joining their team, with 40% of the workforce being women. Dien attributes this achievement to the outstanding talent available in our state.

“We’ve been pretty lucky that we have very high end talent across the board and that has translated into females joining,” Dien said.

In addition, cultural diversity has also been a key aspect in the success of the team at Diversus.

“We have over 23 countries represented in our company. We organise a monthly company meeting and an annual family picnic and that really helps the integration of our team. Some countries represented in our team include India, Greece, Scotland, Poland, Austria and Sri Lanka”.

As a Professional Partner of the Australian Computer Society, Diversus is a WA based business committed to helping young professionals from diverse backgrounds make their way in the ICT industry by sponsoring professional development activities and events in conjunction with ACS.

“We are corporate partners of the ACS because we believe it is key to promote the ICT community.”

Finally, Dien offers some advice for the younger generations aspiring to work in this industry.

“The best advice I can give is to really connect with your peers and participate actively in the ICT community. Ultimately it’s about gaining the knowledge and having the right contacts.”

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