Continuing Professional Development (CPD) improves your ability to perform your job by extending your knowledge and skills. As an ACS Certified member you have a professional obligation to yourself, your employer and the community to plan and participate in CPD activities that are tailored to meet your needs and develop your career.

CPD hours can come from attending events, conferences or completing short courses or further related qualifications. To view a list of all the relevant activities considered as CPD, click here.

If you register and attend ACS events you are automatically allocated the appropriate hours. For those activities that are not hosted by ACS, in order to claim them as CPD they must be structured in that they have a clear set of objectives and a logical framework.

Certified Professionals must attain and report an annual minimum of thirty (30) CPD hours while Certified Technologists must attain (20) CPD hours. Certified ACS members must be able to demonstrate, if requested, their commitment to professional development through written evidence of their CPD activities.

To view your total CPD hours, click here, or for more information about becoming an ACS Certified member, follow this link