And we are not talking about just the weather. Canberra has often played a pivotal role in Australia’s ICT Sector. As the founding registered Head Office of the ACS, through to the key role we play in policy, engagement with our Patrons such as Prime Minister Turnbull and Chief Minister Barr, the Society certainly continues to play an important role in shaping our thinking around our profession and in promoting high standards in technical skills.

But is this enough?

Challenges are aplenty as our key speaker for March Mr Chris Vein indicated. As a key advisor to the Obama Administration as well as for Australia working for our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the insights that Chris Vein is privy too – well they make you wake up and take notice.

As Chris put it to ACS Members through a special presentation to Department of Immigration and Border Protection ACS Members, as well as the broader Canberra members at our breakfast forum. The era of Innovation is hotting up and being innovative is becoming more of an expectation.

What will define future ACS Technologists is Innovation with “bonuses”. Professionals that have strength in the soft skills in addition to their technological skills.

For ACS members the key top 10 skills heading towards 2020 will be

* Complex problem solving
* Critical thinking
* Creativity
* People management
* Coordinating with others
* Emotional intelligence
* Judgement and decision making
* Service Orientation
* Negotiation
* Cognitive Flexibility

Whether you agree or wish to disagree, in the end the data which is being highlighted in such arenas as the World Economic Forum, are certainly a continuing call for all ICT professionals to continue to focus on the ever present need to adopt, evolve, and manage change.