Kalitha Nisha Begam is currently studying her Masters of Information Systems at The University of Melbourne. Kalitha will be working alongside Jonathan Villegas as an ACS Student Ambassador, to help champion ACS and the IT student community.

Kalitha Nisha Begam
Where are you hoping to be once you have completed your studies?

After successfully pursuing my Master program, I would like to take up a Business Analyst role in one of the leading IT firms in Australia.

What are your long term career aspirations?
Being a fresher to the IT industry, I would initiate my career as a Business Analyst, and slowly make my progression to higher roles.

In few years’ time, I hope to gather my knowledge and experience and initiate a Mobile App Development company.

Are you a part of any relevant groups/student associations or other volunteer groups?
I’m currently involved in a number of Student Groups related within The University of Melbourne, namely, Women in ICT, Computing and Information System Student Association (CISSA) and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

Have you had any work experience? If so, where and what did it involve?
I recently completed my internship at ANZ bank as a Business Analyst. I was working on a high profile and complex project, where my main responsibility involved assisting Lead BA’s tasks in the project.

What attracted you to ACS Ambassador role?
The last 9 months as an ACS member has opened up graduate, networking and ICT industry opportunities for me. My practical understanding of the ICT industry had been enhanced as a member through events and meetings held within ACS. I felt the need to promote this to my fellow peers so that they too can benefit through an amazing platform such as ACS and ensure currency on the dynamically changing ICT industry. At the same time, I noticed women involvement in the ICT industry is lesser than men, which provoked me to take this role as an opportunity to endorse the importance of women in ICT.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Home/personal background/other interests)
I love travelling to new places; if I’m lucky enough to find a break in my university work, I most probably would pack my bags for a tour! Other than that, I enjoy cooking, pencil sketching and adding new things to the list.

Why would you encourage other students and graduates to become more involved in ACS?
As students we are mostly busy with studies and university life, but being a member of ACS is the first leap towards being directly involved in the industry. As a member of ACS, each student has access to events and meetings with other great IT minds from all across the globe. I believe ACS is an excellent platform for any student to manage student life and be professionally recognised at an early stage of their career.