Upgrade Australia 3.0, the hardware and PC building expo hosted at Monash University in Melbourne recently, brought together technology giants Intel, ASUS, Gigabyte, Corsair and Western Digital among others for a celebration of all things hardware, gaming, and technology.

The event drew a crowd close to 300, and the ACS was there in full swing with t-shirts, caps, and really nifty USB ‘keys’ –literally shaped like a key (“the key to your future!”, a certain ACS representative may have said tongue-in-cheek) – along with brochures showcasing the products and services the ACS offers to IT professionals in Australia.

The ACS caps were particularly hot property… with the final three given away on-stage in front of the crowd, if they could answer a few tricky questions (the hardest of which was about big data and just how much information we can expect to be generating every year by 2020 – answer: 35 Zettabytes, according to Monash).

A mix of age groups from students to retirees graced the ACS booth, introducing many to the ACS for the first time. Students especially were interested in the ACS vision for IT as a driver for society and business, and its support in the education and certification of IT as a career path.

There was lots to see and do, including a central stage with presentations headlined by Intel’s Graham Tucker, Technical Manager ANZ. Tucker spoke about Intel’s 6th-generation processors, the latest in its range of SSDs with the new 750 series (that tops out at a generous 1.2TB, if you can afford it!), and a new Skylake-based NUC (Next Unit of Computing) – a fully-fledged Core i7 compact PC that can fit in your pocket: plug in keyboard, monitor, and mouse and you’re good to go.