Experts are increasingly citing diverse thinking as the key for securing long-term success. With women in the Australian tech sector comprising a mere 20% - the lack of diversity is becoming a real threat to an organisations competitive advantage.

Enterprises have long preached the importance of gender diversity –driven largely by an inevitable backlash if they chose otherwise. But were efforts genuine? Probably not. Could it have just been a strategic guise to project false integrity across an expectant market? More likely.

This is not to suggest that there were not individuals championing for female progression. But it was not integral enough before to become a key priority for any business beyond façade.

Until now. Times are changing. Innovating to sustain competitive advantages is now crucial for an enterprises survival. And with diverse thinking steadily being perceived as a tool to cultivate innovation effectively and inexpensively – why wouldn’t organisations sincerely support female progression within the workplace? After all, it now translates into business benefit.

So alongside the new prevalent concept that female input is essential for a prosperous future, impassive words can finally be put into action.

Organisations are now examining approaches to support and progress women within the workplace, and encourage others to consider a STEM pathway. However changing business priorities do not always equate to a sudden change in mindset across an entire organisation. Yet with leadership and business strategy genuinely backing female advancement, an opportunity presents itself for women and it should be leveraged.

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