After an exhaustive process, members of the new ACS advisory boards and committees have been announced.

In a new strategic direction, to be revealed on 2 November, ACS has reviewed the roles, responsibilities and structures of its Boards, with a goal to broaden and deepen its knowledge base. The new Boards consist of leaders in their respective fields – experts who will drive ACS’ capability to scan for future technology trends and disruptors, and proactively provide thought leadership and commentary on technology issues.

A strong response was received to the call for nominees, with 96 applicants expressing interest in joining one of the specialist committees.

Three high-level Advisory Boards – Membership, Technical and Profession – provide expert advice to ACS, with each board supported by specialist and highly skilled committees.

“We were humbled by the volume of passionate members ready to volunteer and lend their insights into informing ACS positions on the future,” said ACS President Anthony Wong.

“In addition to the strong volume and calibre of candidates, the panels also took into consideration diversity within each committee environment.

“An extensive selection process was undertaken by the Vice-Presidents and Directors in each of their areas. The selection process was supported by an independent panellist to ensure consistency across each of the three Boards.

“We congratulate all of the successful candidates.”

ACS called for expressions of interest in June of this year for leaders in their field to volunteer for the following board and committee positions:

• Diversity Committee (a Committee of the Membership Advisory Board)

• Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)

• Blockchain Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)

• Data Sharing Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)

• Internet of Things Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)

• Cyber Security Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)

• Professional Education Governance Committee (a Committee of the Profession Advisory Board)

• Ethics Committee (a Committee of the Profession Advisory Board)

• ICT Educators Committee (a Committee of the Profession Advisory Board)

The full list of board and committee members is as follows:

Membership Advisory Board and Committee

Membership Advisory Board:

Vice President (Community) – Yohan Ramasundara

Director – Dr Rod Dilnutt

Sandeep Mathur

Julie Gibson

Chair, NSW Branch Executive Committee

Chair, Victoria Branch Executive Committee

Chair, Canberra Branch Executive Committee

Chair, Queensland Branch Executive Committee

Chair, WA Branch Executive Committee

Chair, SA Branch Executive Committee

Chair, NT Branch Executive Committee

Chair, Tasmania Branch Executive Committee

Diversity Committee:
Co-Chair – Sandeep Mathur

Co-Chair – Julie Gibson

Sarah Adam-Gedge

George Coldham

Dayle Stevens

Fadzi Whande

NB. There is no Vice Chair of this Committee

Technical Advisory Board and Committees

Technical Advisory Board

Vice President (Academic) – Dr Ian Oppermann

Director – Professor Michael Blumenstein

Narelle Clark

Ghislaine Entwisle

Dr Vincent Gramoli

Geof Heydon

Peter Leonard

Dr Maria Milosavljevic

Alastair Pearson

Dr Philippa Ryan

David Thompson

Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee

Chair – Peter Leonard

Professor Hussein Abbass

Rosalyn Bell

Dr Shlomo Berkovsky

Dr Richard Lucas

Professor Maurice Pagnucco

Professor Simeon Simoff

Chris Vien

Professor Toby Walsh

Professor Kimberlee Weatherall

Blockchain Committee

Chair – Dr Vincent Gramoli

Vice Chair – Dr Philippa Ryan

Professor Ren Ping Lui

Ambarish Natu

Scott Nelson

Steven Pereira

Anna Shillabeer

Tom Worthington

Cyber Security Committee

Chair – David Thompson

Vice Chair – Dr Maria Milosavljevic

Emeritus Professor William Caelli

Sudheera Edirisinghe

Louay Ghashash

Ajoy Ghosh

John Graham

Professor Gernot Heiser

Dilip Samji

Dr Vikram Sharma

Professor Matthew Warren

Internet of Things (IoT) Committee

Chair – Alastair Pearson

Vice Chair – Narelle Clark

Mark Allen

Raghu Bharadwaj

Chris Bennetts

Professor Jay Guo

Dr Wen Hu

Dr Phil Robertson

Greg Sawyer

Dr David Williams

Dr Arkady Zaslavsky

Data Sharing Committee

Chair – Geof Heydon

Vice Chair – Ghislaine Entwisle

Ghazi Ahamat

Dr Stephen Hardy

Ben Hogan

Chris Mendes

Dr Wenjie Zhang

Profession Advisory Board and Committees

Profession Advisory Board

Vice President (Membership) – Mike Driver

Interim Director – Professor Michael Johnson

Keith Besgrove

Associate Professor Oliver Burmeister

Professor Aileen Cater-Steel

Dr Christina Chalmers

Dr Therese Keane

Stuart McIntyre

Michael Wildenauer

ICT Educators Committee

Chair – Dr Therese Keane

Vice Chair – Dr Christina Chalmers

Professor Katrina Falkner

Dr Andrew Fluck

Nicolette Venn

Professional Education Governance Committee

Chair – Professor Aileen Cater-Steel

Vice Chair – Stuart McIntyre

Nick Marks

Geoff Purcell

Tom Worthington

Ethics Committee

Chair – Professor Oliver Burmeister

Vice Chair – Professor Michael Wildenauer

Royce Michael Lee

Professor Alex Reid

Professor Matthew Warren

Emeritus Professor Marcus Wigan