Speaking at the 2017 China National Computer Congress (CNCC), held by the China Computer Federation (CCF), ACS President Anthony Wong talked of the transformative power of AI, and of China's growing role domestically and globally as it invests heavily in AI-related technologies.

"Whether it's autonomous vehicles like those from Google or Tesla, virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa, or IBM's AlphaGo becoming the world champion at Go, we already live in a world rapidly changing thanks to AI," he said.

"And it's only just the beginning. AI is at its infancy, and yet we have all of these incredible innovations already present -- how will the world look in five, 10, or 50 years from now? Perhaps it won't be me standing here talking you, but a fully artificial human being."

With a core theme this year on the potential for AI to change the world, this year's CNCC held in Fujian, China, covered topics ranging from brain-computer interfaces and intelligent manufacturing through to machine learning and a 'cyber intelligent economy'.

This is a theme reflected by the growing focus of China championing AI as an enabler of future economic capability -- China's State Council earlier in the year set a goal for China to be a global leader in AI by 2030, estimating the potential for AI industries to surpass 1 trillion Yuan.

ACS President Anthony Wong and Vice President Yohan Ramasundara were also invited to give out awards (and a handful of stylish ACS caps -- see gallery) at the China Computer Federation’s Elite Collegiate Awards ceremony, along with other international guests including Vicki Hanson, President of ACM; Jean Luc Goudia, President of IEEEE CS; Kohtaro Asai, Vice President of IPSJ; and Hong Bonghee, President of KIISE.

Afterwards, and referring to ACS hosting CCF representatives at least year's ACS Reimagination Thought Leaders' Summit, Wong acknowledged the continuing relationship of mutual recognition and support between ACS and the CCF through events like the China National Computer Congress.

Some 6000 people attended CNCC 2017, and remains the largest annual computing event in China.