The ACS Tasmania branch has relocated to two new offices in Hobart and Launceston in partnership with start-up hub, Enterprize Space.

The hub serves to work with all ICT groups to build the Tasmanian start-up community.

The move to the hub’s two locations ensures increased engagement with the ICT community in both the north and the south of Tasmania, and bring further benefits to members, including significant cost savings.

A home base in both Hobart and Launceston allows for an increased number of members to have access to ACS facilities. Member feedback regarding the previous office showed it was isolated from the physical ICT community and difficult to locate.

Comparatively, the new offices are centrally located, follow an open-space plan and have more facilities members can use, such as auditoriums, free internet, printing services and co-working spaces.

“It is a far more professional facility with branding, and is already being used as more of a meeting hub for more organisations,” said ACS Tasmania State Manager, Marc Portlock.

“Day one I had five different people come into the office, compared to the old site where we had two members visit in 6 months, both existing Branch Executive Committee.  

“This office puts us more in touch with the north where we haven’t had an ongoing presence and now allows us to host events for those members, adding value to their membership.”

From the old ACS Tasmania branch office...
To the new Tasmania branch office in Hobart.

Additional benefits of this hub include:

  • Virtual co-working office space in locations at convenient locations in both Hobart and Launceston close to public transport and parking facilities
  • Meeting & office space facilities (booking required)
  • Free use of ultra-high-speed internet
  • Event and auditorium facilities (booking required)
  • Printing facilities

Enterprize Tasmania CEO Dr Gary McDarby said the start-up is looking forward to working with ACS on projects. 

“We are delighted that the Australian Computer Society has decided to relocate their Tasmanian office to Enterprize Tasmania. It’s the beginning of a fantastic alliance, as both organisations have a strong shared vision about how to support building the digital ecosystem in Tasmania,” he said.

Portlock added, “We just want to be as close to the community as we can – it’s been working wonders so far.”

The ACS staff are based in the Hobart office, however facilities in the Launceston office can be utilised by members at any time.