Imagine you left your house every morning with your front door secured with nothing more than a small click-lock.

Sure, it may be difficult to break the metal lock to open the door, but with the right tools, it could be as easy as snipping a string with scissors.

Enter cyber resilience. The multi-million-dollar industry focuses on upgrading these ‘locks’ to maintain high-level security for our online systems in this ever-evolving industry.

To address this issue in Australia, ACS NSW is hosting a cybersecurity breakfast, 'Global approaches to building the capability of your frontline cyber defenders'.

Early next month, cybersecurity experts from around the globe will convene to address issues in the face of cyber resilience -- how we can upgrade our security systems and continue to ensure our defence is always one step ahead of cyber infiltration.

Businesses are always encouraged to be vigilant about cyber security matters. In 2016, 86% of Australian organisations had experienced attempts to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of their network data system. According to the ACS' Australia's Digital Pulse 2017, the estimated cost from a cybersecurity attack is $419,000.

Guests at the event will hear from keynote speaker and special guest Alastair MacGibbon, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security. MacGibbon, who was recently handpicked for the role, has had a long history in dealing with cybersecurity in Australia.

He was the country’s first children’s eSafety commissioner, and previously held an esteemed position as the Founding Director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre. MacGibbon is currently based at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra.

Guests will also hear from:

  • David Shearer, CEO of ISC2
  • Matt Loeb, CEO of ISACA
  • Jill Slay, Director of the Australian Centre for Cyber Security, and Head of ACS’ Cyber Taskforce

The event will be held at The Westin Hotel in Sydney on Tuesday 5 September, from 7am to 9am.

Registration information can be found here.