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New visa comes into play

As the 2017-18 financial year closed and 1 July ticked over on Sunday, Australia’s new Global Talent Scheme officially commenced. Starting on a trial basis, the Global Talent Scheme visas will allow Australian businesses to bring in experienced ICT professionals from overseas. Announced in March, the program has been tasked with helping to bridge the skilled migration gap left by the 457 visa cuts last year. The scheme is divided into established business and start-up streams, with employers having to first prove a track record of hiring Australian workers before they can apply. Four-year visas are given in both streams, with visa holders able to apply for permanent residency after three years. The trial will go for 12 months.

Apple to help monitor screen time

As Apple prepares to deploy its latest iOS 12 software later this month, it has unveiled the new Screen Time monitoring feature. Screen Time compiles a daily and weekly activity report to show users the total amount of time they spend in each app, as well as how many notifications they receive and how often they pick up their iPhone or iPad. The feature will be particularly useful for parents looking to monitor their children’s phone usage, who will be able schedule a block of time during which their child’s device cannot be used. Parents can also access their child’s activity report directly. The iOS 12 update also includes improvements to the Do Not Disturb feature and more focused notifications.

World Cup nightmare continues for Optus

After last month agreeing to handover broadcast rights of all group stage matches at the FIFA World Cup to SBS due to poor-quality service on its streaming site, Optus has now announced all remaining matches of the tournament will be simulcast with SBS. “All of us at Optus will use what we have learned from this experience to place ourselves ahead in the delivery of content to customers via streaming to their mobile devices,” reflected CEO Allen Lew. Despite the move, Lew claimed “we are confident that these [streaming] issues have now been addressed.” As part of damage control, Optus is now offering all Australians free access to Optus Sport until 31 August.

NBN to granny flats

The Senate has passed a motion that could force the government to deliver fit-for-purpose NBN to outbuildings and ‘granny flats’ around Australia. The motion, proposed by the Greens, will help increase broadband access for Australians as population density increases, according to Greens spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John. “Different people have different living arrangements and different internet requirements,” he said. “It is not reasonable to expect someone who is renting a granny flat, or even extended family living in separate dwellings at one address, to have to share a single NBN connection. It is completely out of touch.”