‘Fortress’ might be a slight exaggeration, but not everyone can just walk into Facebook’s London headquarters.

Security is tight, and entrances guarded. Only the privileged enter.

Once inside, the secret world of Facebook’s London base is revealed in all its opulent glory.

Bright colours. Meeting rooms with wacky names. Food oversupply. Bathrooms stocked with toiletries. An art room to create posters. Photo opp props. People to sort out mundane tasks like visas.

By creating an environment where an engineer on $200,000 doesn’t have to think about anything except creatively executing code, the company has created a surreal world within itself.

A world in which you could literally roll out of bed and rock up to work without having to worry about a thing.

Could you work in an environment like this? Many gladly would, but the excessive nature of the place isn't for everyone.

Take a look for yourself.

This is the entrance:

The lobby is illuminated in bright colours and neon signs:

Faceboook's London office plaque adorns the wall:

Public areas areas are kept sparse and industrial-looking:

This is where new employees are inducted:

Food all day long? You bet:

The enormous Facebook London canteen:

And now for a little dessert at the doughnut and ice cream bar:

Or if lollies are more your thing, there's an entire truck of sugar:

After all that sugar, a fresh juice shot may be just what you need:

Walls are adorned with colourful and positive signs:

There are signs all over the place:

And a few more:

This sign is almost a mantra in the office:

Staff get to design and print their own signs in the art room:

There's a heavy focus on mental health:

Toiletries are provided in the bathrooms:

Meeting rooms have humorous names such as this:

And this:

There's a cardboard cut-out of the Queen because...London!

Or for another photo prop, jump inside the giant envelope:

But for an authentic London photo, head to the rooftop terrace and snap a typical London day:

After that, you can head out into reality and think about what life must be like working at Facebook -- and if you could ever leave to work anywhere else.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.