With COVID-19 shutdowns affecting all sectors of the Australian economy, ACS has announced an automatic and complimentary 6-month extension for members.

The move means all active financial members will have six months added to their membership renewal anniversary date at no charge.

“At a time when Australia, and indeed the global community, is facing unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, ACS is keen to do its part in helping our members, our nation and our citizens navigate through this turbulent time,” ACS Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Johnson, said.

The move follows ACS releasing a range of resources to support small and medium businesses, including 10 Tips for Small Business Wanting to Work From Home Guide and a set of Cyber Security Guides for individuals, micro-businesses and small to medium sized enterprises.

Along with the guides, ACS is maintaining its Updates and Latest Response including how it is responding to the COVID-19 crisis with the aim of ensuring Australia’s technology professionals are able to help the economy recover from the current dramatic downturn.

“The technical skills of ACS members will be critical to navigating the current economic downturn due to COVID-19,” concluded Johnson.

“Collaboration across ACS members will be key to reinventing playbooks, supporting businesses to digitise, and developing new ways to achieving sustainability.”