ACS held its first ever online Congress elections on Monday night to vote for members of the Management Committee (MC) as well as national office bearers.

The MC is akin to a board of directors and is responsible for governing ACS.

The following candidates were elected to the MC:

- Vice President, Communities Boards – Jo Stewart-Rattray FACS CP (Cyber)

- Vice President, Academic Boards – David Cook FACS CP

- National Treasurer – Arnold Wong FACS CP

Congress also elected the directors of ACS’ three high-level advisory boards which inform ACS’ public policy and community direction.

Advisory boards consist of committees that cover important topics such as diversity and inclusion, ethics, and education, along with technical subjects like artificial intelligence and cyber security.

The following candidates were elected directors of the advisory boards:

- Director, Membership Advisory Boards – Cindy Chung MACS CP

- Director, Professions Advisory Boards – Michael Johnson FACS CP

- Director, Technical Advisory Boards – Mathias Gaertner MACS Snr CP (Cyber)

All of the members were elected for a two-year term beginning on January 1 2021.

The first ever online Congress vote was deemed a success as congress members and candidates gathered in Microsoft Teams to ask questions and put forward their case for election before submitting ballots on the TrueVote platform.