The new ACS Learning Accelerator has launched, as part of a transformed digital learning experience extending course options to help members with reskilling and career enhancement.

Included on the new platform are courses designed to elevate professional and operational effectiveness, along with development of soft skills.

Courses include Business Analysis, Project Management and Leadership, along with IT Certification practice tests in certification fields such as AWS, CompTIA, Microsoft and ITIL.

Upon successful completion and/or assessment of courses, members will earn a certificate to add to their portfolio as well as recommendations for continual learning and skill development.

Members can access the Learning Accelerator through their membership dashboard.

The new Aspire Journeys include courses that weren’t previously available to all ACS members with a focus on assisting individuals with their skills redevelopment and career progression.

Examples of these include learning pathways and journeys to help Enterprise Developers become DevOps Engineers or assisting Data Analysts to develop further skills and knowledge to assist them in becoming Data Scientists.

Prescribed learning paths for current and future job roles are a defining feature of the new ACS Learning Accelerator created to fill the critical skills gaps required for each field.

The news courses are designed for members to read, watch or listen at their own pace through guided learning pathways, practical exercises and daily learning challenges designed for the professional IT job roles of the future.