With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and most of us being restricted to our homes, there has never been a better time to pick up a new tech skill or invest some time in your leadership growth.

A number of institutions, including TAFE NSW, Pluralsight and Udemy have offered up their esteemed courses for free during the pandemic.

Here we bring you even more free online courses, covering everything from digital transformation and coding to 3D game development.

Oracle University

Oracle is also providing free training material during the ongoing lockdown through Oracle University. This includes more than 50 hours of content and six certificate exams at the end, available for free until 15 May.

There is more than three hours of training material on becoming an autonomous database specialist, culminating with a specialist exam, and a walkthrough on the basics of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Microsoft Learn

Tech giant Microsoft has some training courses for its products that are available for free on Microsoft Learn.

There’s one on the fundamentals of Azure, which covers important concepts including high availability, scalability, elasticity and agility, along with the benefits associated with adopting cloud computing.

The courses also cover other popular Microsoft products including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Skillsoft has offered up all of its training courses for free for the next 60 days, and 90 days for university students.

With the complimentary access to Percipio, the company’s learning experience platform, you’ll be able to complete online learning courses, read books, listen to audiobooks, undertake virtual practice labs and participate in live online bootcamps.

The platform includes 700 learning paths that are regularly updated, providing an “immersive” way for you to fine-tune existing skills or add some new strings to your bow.

The digital transformation course is now available for free. It will help you understand what your company needs to change and the potential innovative technologies to help with this process, as well as how to communicate this to the team.

There’s also the senior leaders development program, which covers topics ranging from creating a leading organisational vision to fostering a culture of execution in your company.

If you want to brush up on your use of common workplace collaboration and communication tools, there’s a course for that as well. The productivity and collaboration tools training will help get you across a range of applications, operating systems and devices.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland offers a number of courses for free online, including some focusing on leadership, such as how to lead high-performing teams. This course runs for 10 weeks with 8-10 hours of content each week.

There’s also a course that will guide you on innovation from plan to product, assisting with implementing an innovative new business model and what tools are needed to do this.

Learn Unity

Learn Unity is an online educational platform offering real-time 3D development skills, including in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The company is offering three months of complimentary access to Unity Learn Premium, providing access to Unity experts, live interactive sessions, on-demand learning resources and deeper dives into intermediate and advanced topics.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers much of its coursework for its tech courses for free online, with a number of the classes taught virtually.

These include an introduction to computer science and programming in python, which is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of this skill. By the end of the course you’ll be able to write your own little program to accomplish a productive goal.

There’s also a course on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, which includes basic problem solving and learning methods of the cutting-edge technology. Upon completion of the course, you should be able to develop your own intelligent system.


Enterprise software firm SAP has opened up its training platform for 90 days for any students included in its SAP University Alliances program.

The company also has the openSAP platform that anyone can access.

There are courses on building bots with SAP intelligent process automation, which will show you how to use these bots as digital workers or assistants and progress your digital transformation roadmap.

There are also courses focusing on industrial Internet of Things solutions and data intelligence for enterprise artificial intelligence.

HubSpot Academy

The HubSpot Academy provides training in inbound marketing, sales and customer service through online courses. The online courses are free, and range from quick ones that can be completed in a day to longer ones that lead to comprehensive certifications.

These include the SEO training course: Building sustainable traffic for business growth, which includes link building, topic clusters and how to build search authority. The course includes six lessons and 22 videos along with a final quiz.

There’s also a quick course on sales software that will lead to the HubSpot Sales Software Certificate, demonstrating an ability to execute an inbound sales process using the HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub. This course includes three lessons, with practical exercises and a 50-question test at the end.

If you’re looking for a longer course to dive into, there’s a six-hour content marketing course, which will teach you how to launch a content creation framework, and create and repurpose content for people and search engines.

Have you found any great free online tech courses? Let us know in the comments below!