With social distancing being one of the critical measures to lessen the spread of COVID-19, one Sydney-based company is helping police and government agencies around the world manage the safety of public areas.

Based out of ACS’ Harbour City Labs in Sydney, Unleash Live applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to live video coverage gathered through cities’ CCTV networks to provide authorities real time notifications and insights about crowd density and movement.

”We're particularly proud of the work we're doing with cities in the USA, delivering never seen before insights from their existing camera infrastructure. And more recently, our Crowd Density AI solution enables authorities to monitor and report on social distancing adherence, which has been rewarding for the team, that we're contributing in these difficult times," Hanno Blankenstein, Unleash Live's co-founder and CEO, told Information Age.

"A key part of the product’s attraction is the speed in which Unleash Live can extract insights from established infrastructure, particularly during disaster situations, something that is proving important during the current COVID-19 crisis.

"We know from our experience in other disaster situations that making real-time decisions based on visual data is incredibly powerful. We have positive responses from various police agencies in the US already.”

Unleash Live was founded in 2016 by Blankenstein, who has a background in telecommunications, and Jason Grier who hails from the sports sector, after they found organisations were struggling to use computer vision to make real time decisions.

That technology is now proving valuable for agencies around the world as they struggle to manage to the number of people in public places, however Blankenstein sees opportunities across all sectors.

“We have had phenomenal take up with resellers that we've signed up across the world, from the US to Italy and the UAE.

"These resellers extend our reach and are integrating our solution as part of their existing workflows in industries such as oil and gas, construction, mining and more, which is awesome to see.”