Virtual Method is a resident of ACS’ Harbour City Labs known for “creating commercial Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality powered Immersive Experiences” which is leveraging their hardware to support the fight against COVID-19.

Its main weapon is its RealWear HMT-1 (Head-Mounted-Tablet-1) wearable -- the world's first voice-operated, long-shift battery-life, completely ruggedised Android wearable that has been rolled out in industries including mining, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and front-line healthcare.

After coming out of beta in 2017, the RealWear devices have since been used for collaboration in surgical environments in Finland and in China.

In Norway and Africa, it is being used by Paramedics to allow hospital triage to understand what they need to prepare for before a patient is even loaded into an ambulance.

Virtual Method is Australia’s most real-world experienced AR/VR Consultancy and software integrator, being a reseller of RealWear, as well as several of the software solutions available for the device.

Colleagues in China have been implementing and dealing-with Covid-19 using RealWear HMT-1’s at the front line, in collaboration with Tencent and across more than 10 hospitals in Wuhan, China.

David Francis, co-founder & CEO of Virtual Method said the device is “wearable, sterilisable, voice-activated-and-controlled, long-lasting and works with PPE which is perfect for health practitioners dealing with an infectious disease.”

The Virtual Method team is ready to “receive, load and prepare devices for any clinics or hospitals so that they are able to be taken out of the bag, worn, powered-up and the user can straightaway see-and-call their colleagues in Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams or other specialised ‘Remote Assistance’ software, to share their Point-of-View on any situation they are dealing-with”, Francis explained.