ACS President Dr Ian Oppermann and CEO Rupert Grayston have signed the ACS Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, committing ACS to undertake initiatives to improve and grow the technology sector.

Speaking at the ACS Annual General Meeting, Dr Oppermann said that through the outstanding work of ACS’ National Diversity and Inclusion Council, a recommendation was recently discussed for ACS to take the Diversity Pledge.

“It is with absolute great pleasure that on behalf of ACS, I am signing the Diversity and Inclusion Pledge,” Dr Oppermann said.

“We’re very pleased to be finally doing this, we’ve been talking about this for some weeks and months and here we are,” added Grayston.

ACS President Dr Ian Oppermann [L] and CEO Rupert Grayston [R] sign the ACS Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. Photo: Supplied

Management Committee voted unanimously to sign the pledge which states that “ACS believes diversity in the technology sector is potentially the greatest driver of Australia’s innovation and growth.”

The pledge also states that ACS will be:

  • working with its research partners to develop better metrics on the diversity of the Australian technology workforce
  • producing and driving public policy positions that advance the cause of diversity and inclusion in the Australian technology industry
  • making internal improvements on recruitment, culture, processes and policies in line with the ACS publication Implementing Diversity and Inclusion: A Reference Guide
  • encouraging and supporting diverse candidates for positions in ACS governance
  • supporting diversity of thought leaders in ACS, including at ACS events, meetings and conferences
  • reporting on the progress of these initiatives to the ACS National Diversity and Inclusion Council as well as the relevant branch committees.

ACS National Diversity and Inclusion Council chair Sandeep Mathur welcomed the signing of the pledge.

“By ACS taking a diversity pledge, it is committing to not just improving its own diversity and inclusion, but supporting the workforce to improve and to grow into a stronger technology sector.

“Improving diversity and inclusion is something most organisations are trying to achieve, however in the Australian technology sector, key demographics remain under-represented and under-utilised.

“This is a significant step for ACS and we aim for it to be one of many to come.”

The Diversity Pledge is an initiative started by #TechDiversity, a not-for-profit alliance committed to diversity awareness. The group encourages individuals and organisations to commit to one small action towards improving diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. Its aim is to reach half a million pledges by 2025.

Next year, ACS will be the gold sponsor of the #TechDiversity Awards, recognising and celebrating diversity and inclusion within the Australian tech workforce.