ACS' 2022 Annual General Meeting was held in Brisbane on Tuesday night.

As well as members accepting the society’s accounts and previous year’s minutes, President Dr Nick Tate took the opportunity to welcome the members elected during the Congress meeting held earlier that day.

The members elected by Congress are:

Vice President – Academic Boards

David Cook FACS CP (WA)

Vice President – Communities Boards

Jo Stewart-Rattray FACS CP (SA)

National Treasurer

Chris Radbone FACS CP (SA)

Director – Membership Advisory Committee

Asheley Jones FACS (Vic)

Director – Professional Standards Committee

Jeff Smith MACS (Snr) CP (Vic)

Director – Technical Advisory Committee

Mathias Gaertner MACS (Snr) (NSW)

Stepping down will be Arnold Wong, whose role of National Treasurer is term-limited, Cindy Chung from the position of Director, Membership Advisory Committee, and Michael Johnson as Director of the Professional Standards Board.

“The first day of Congress has been very productive and we’re looking forward to a wide-ranging discussion of ACS policies tomorrow,” Dr Tate said.

“I would like to thank Cindy, Michael and Arnold for their distinguished service and hard work as well as acknowledge all the enthusiastic members who nominated for positions.”

The day’s Congress proceedings were followed by the 2022 Annual General meeting which saw former Queensland BEC member, Sarah-Jane Peterschlingmann, moderate a members’ question and answer session with ACS President Dr Nick Tate; ACS CEO, Chris Vein; and outgoing Treasurer, Arnold Wong.

Topics discussed by the panel included the progress of ACS’ constitutional reform, development of the organisation’s strategy and investments, diversity initiatives, and the role of ACS in addressing the nation’s technology skills shortfall.