Have you been in the ICT industry for more than 25 years?

Information Age is interested in hearing from ACS members about their experiences of the early days in ICT.

We’re interested in learning about your most memorable roles, what systems were you using, and how large the IT workforce was at your company.

What stood out about that time, and what changes have happened since then, good or bad?

Photographs – of then and now – would be a welcome inclusion to these articles.

If you feel you have some great experiences and stories to share with our readers, please send an email to ia@acs.org.au outlining the following:

· How many years you have been in / were in the ICT sector

· What roles did you hold over the years and which is your most memorable

· What are some of the main ways the industry has changed over the years

· What are your fondest memories of the good old days

· Your ACS member number

We leave you with some comments sent to us by Graham McEachran:

“I was Alcoa’s first IT Manager in WA back in the 1970s and early 1980s, a long time ago. I built a very large inhouse IT department over those years, a time when we built most of our own systems, no SAP back then.

“While most of the experienced IT recruits were men back then, something like half the large number of new grads were women, recruited for the best of all possible reasons, namely that they were the best applicants for the jobs. Most of them progressed very quickly.

“From day one, the women were on exactly the same performance/remuneration system as the men – there was never even any discussion about paying them less. Later, when I was an EY partner, again the pay scales were exactly the same.

“So why, after fifty years, are we still having these debates about gender pay gaps which should have disappeared a long time ago?”

Why indeed, Graham.

We look forward to receiving your wonderful memories and capturing them for future generations to read!