The campaign to win the tech industry’s vote kicked off this week with ACS’ River City hosting Ed Husic, Federal Opposition Shadow Minister for Industry and Innovation, and Madonna Jarrett, ALP candidate for Brisbane, last Friday.

Husic's visit to the Brisbane innovation space comes ahead of ACS launching its 2022 Election Platform at the Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit on February 23.

ACS’ 2022 platform will feature proposals to boost the tech industry’s diversity and inclusion, the workforce’s digital skills, support for teachers in IT courses and regional technology infrastructure.

During his visit, Husic laid out some of the ALP’s technology-related policies including the proposed National Reconstruction Fund, improved fibre broadband connectivity, and support for university students founding their own startups.

River City Labs’ General Manager Pauline Fetaui introduced tenants including Maxus AI and Tribu as well as giving the politicians an overview of RCL and its programs including Startup Catalyst and RiverPitch.

“We’re always pleased to showcase the Labs,” said Fetaui. “With the Federal Election looming, we’re really pleased to show how important startups and technology are to society and the economy along with the opportunities for the nation’s future.”

Upcoming events at RCL include the Activate and Activate+ programs, International Women’s Day, Founders’ Fusion events and, later this year, RiverPitch at the end of October.

A long supporter of RCL, Ed Husic said, "I always love River City Labs to see what's happening and get a sense of the companies going through and the ideas they are focused on.

“It's a really important centre of new thinking and of new ways of getting things done.

"The type of things we need to see in rebuilding the economy potentially come out of places like RCL. It's always a good investment of time to come down and see what's happening."

Madonna Jarrett, the Labor candidate for Brisbane, said, "It was great visiting River City Labs today and seeing such wonderful innovation here; innovation is what drive jobs, change.

"It enables us to look to the future and understand how we're going to build industries, create jobs for tomorrow and look after our families over the long-term."