Over a hundred Australian entrepreneurs and investors will be heading to the UK this weekend to attend London Tech Week, including a contingent from ACS’ Startup Catalyst.

The event, running over next week, will see over fifty events and three hundred speakers showcasing London’s position as one of the world’s leading technology hubs, after being postponed for two years during the pandemic.

As part of the Startup Catalyst program, participants will be visiting some of the leaders of Europe’s biggest tech hub, meeting key participants in the London technology sector and receiving advice on how to expand their ventures globally, along with the opportunity to network with UK-based entrepreneurs and investors.

Pauline Fetaui, head of Startup Catalyst, said “this is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs, technologists and innovators to play catch-up, after not being able to go anywhere for two years.

“This mission provides access to the top tier tech companies, investors and events in addition to access to London Tech Week.”

The Startup Catalyst contingent includes startups, scale ups and investors across the Aussie innovation ecosystem with the support of partners including Trade & Investment Queensland, the UK Department of Industry and Trade, London & Partners, and Tech City UK.

First run in 2014, the annual June event brings together thousands of tech enthusiasts to network and learn at demonstrations, workshops, debates, meet ups and parties.

In previous years, topics have included adtech, the internet of things (IoT), edtech, fintech, medtech and smart cities.

This year, themes include digital sustainability, visions of Web3, the opportunities of the Metaverse, and ClimateTech kicking off with opening keynotes at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster.